2004 CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: W3YY
Operator(s): W3YY
Station: W3YY

Class: SOSB(A)/40 HP
Operating Time (hrs):

Band QSOs Zones Countries
40: 705 39 129
Total: 705 39 129 Total Score = 325,416

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


I decided to try a 40-meter single-band effort this year. Friday night was
wonderful. Before 0800 the first night, I had worked DXCC on 40. The morning
grayline opening was great to Asia with VU, 9M6, 9M8, JT, BY, BV, HS, VR2, and
variety of Asiatic Russians, and JA's.

During the day on Saturday, I spent too much time working around the house.
Consequently, Saturday night I really had to drag myself to the rig. Had some
decent runs into EU, but generally the second night was not nearly as

Overall, I was disappointed with my QSO total, but I was in more of a DX'er
mode this weekend and that's always bad for contest work. Sitting and running
stations just didn't appeal to me that much this weekend, although I tried to
spend some time at this the second day.

Fun times: Having Zones 2, 29, and 36 answer my CQ. (That did appeal to me)

Anyway, it was a great time. I wished I could have gotten all 40 zones on 40,
but 39 will have to do for this year.

73, Bob - W3YY

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