2005 ARRL CW DX Contest

Call: W3YY
Operator(s): W3YY
Station: W3YY

Class: SOAB(A) HP
Operating Time (hrs): 31

Band QSOs Mults
160: 41 33
80: 129 53
40: 453 88
20: 473 81
15: 463 86
10: 52 36
Total: 1611 377 Total Score = 1,822,041

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Fun Contest. This is one of my favorites and this was my personal best. It's
nice to still be improving while getting old! 

Friday night was pretty good, but Saturday morning/afternoon I just couldn't
seem to get going. Saturday evening and Sunday morning/afternoon, however, were
great with lots of nice runs on 40, 20, and 15.

Interesting moments:

1. While running EU on 20, wife notices that her PC keyboard is not responding.
After some quick tests we confirm its RFI. I grab a bunch of split ferrites
and put them on the various PC leads. Can't seem to fix it, but by now I need
to move to 15 and she has something else to do, so we never resolve the

2. While running EU on 20 or 40 at a time I wouldn't expect the Pacific to be
coming in, I get one of these stateside callers who doesn't know its a DX
contest. Some KS6 something. I blow him off. He persists. It's not a KS6,
its KH6NF! I feel stupid.

3. I wish DX would just work you if they think you're a dupe. I understand
there is no penality and the contest log checkers just remove the dupes. There
were about 4 or 5 guys who think I'm in their log, but I'm not. 

4. While running on 20, I see a spot for W3LPL very close to my frequency. I
check and the spot is only 600Hz from me! I can't believe we are so close to
each other and coexisting so nicely - I can't even hear them and I guess I'm not
bothering them. I dial in the RIT to check. Sure enough, there they are about
600Hz up. Today's filters are amazing.

Thanks to all the DX for the Q's!

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