2005 February NA Sprint CW Contest


Call: W3YY
Operator(s): W3YY
Station: W3YY

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 4

Band QSOs Op Time
80: 40 
40: 63 
20: 65 
Total: 168 Mults = 41 Total Score = 6,888

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club

Team: PVRC/FRC #2


I had just flown in from VE5 land about 4 hours before the contest. It was fun to
work VE5SF, whose QTH I had just passed through. While flying over the vast
flat frozen tundra of VE5 I kept looking down, imagining the beverages one could

The contest was fun, but I was still tired from the trip.

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