Force 12 Magnum 240N
Project at W3YY

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In the fall of 2004, I removed an old Hy-Gain 204BA 20-meter beam and a Hy-Gain 402BA 40-meter beam from the top of my larger tower. Both antennas were old, in disrepair, and no longer functioning. Once the top of the tower was free of antennas, I replaced the old Rohn 45AG-4 top section with a newer model (larger top plate) and then topped it all off with a new Force 12 Magnum 240N 2-element 40-meter beam.

Interesting aspects of this project were conversion of the standard Force 12 boom-to-mast mount to a SteppIR type mount, creation of unique method for adjusting tension in the boom truss cables, and replacement of both the element and boom truss cables with Kevlar (both Phillystran and another Kevlar product).