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I've previously owned some Alpha amplifiers, including an Alpha 374 and Alpha 78, but have been using a Titan 425 for several years. When the power supply recently failed in the Titan, however, I decided it was time to look around for a new amplifier. I selected and purchased one of the new solid-state amplifiers on the market, but had trouble with it. After that, I decided to go back, at least temporarily, to a good old rugged vacuum tube amplifier. I found a very nice "Alpha Certified" pre-owned Alpha 87A at Alpha Radio Products and purchased it.

Alpha 87A Amplifier


This amplifier is only about 3-1/2 years old and the inside looks like new. Even the tubes have a nice bright silver finish without any sign of overheating or abuse. The amplifier works flawlessly, easily puts out 1500 Watts on all bands, and auto-tunes perfectly. If you own one, be sure to activate the built-in AlphaMax firmware. Without AlphaMax the amplifier just uses stored presets (factory or your own custom presets) for tuning. The AlphaMax firmware improves on that by providing real-time automatic tuning based on current antenna and drive conditions. I like this amplifier because it is compact, rugged, has a built-in power supply, and is extremely quiet, even with the auxiliary fan running. Silent pin-diode switching also adds to the quiet nature of this high-power beast. With key down and generating 1500 Watts, it looks and sounds like it's just loafing.

The Alpha 87A enjoyed a long production run and is a popular amplifier still today. Now that I have one I can understand why.


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