DigiPan 2.0

On July 7, 2005 I downloaded the latest version of DigiPan and gave it a try.  You can see one of my first QSO's with CU2JT below.  He noted some bugs, but so far it is working well for me.  The most interesting thing that I've noted so far about this program is that it simultaneously decodes all the transmissions in the waterfall!  You can sit and watch 10 or more QSO's going on at once if conditions are right!  CQ's are highlighted.  See one, just click on it and answer the CQ!

This great program is free to download at www.digipan.com, so if you haven't tried PSK31, it's easy and inexpensive to give it a try.  You just need this software, a soundcard on your PC, and a method of interconnecting the two.  If the audio I/O levels of your rig and soundcard are compatible, you'll just need some interconnecting cables.  Otherwise you will need some way to adjust the audio levels.  In my fixed station I handle audio level control with a small audio control center detailed in the Projects portion of this web site.  For portable operation, I use a custom cable with a built in fixed audio pad between my rig and laptop PC.  Details on this setup can also be found in the Projects portion of this web site.

See you on PSK31!

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