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This year celebrating 55 years as an amateur radio operator!!

Thanks for visiting and welcome to the shack.  I want to show you around and share some of the things I've learned.  I hope you enjoy the visit.   I am a member of the ARRL, Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC), First Class CW Operators' Club (FOC), and an LOTW participant.  If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail at w3yy@cox.net.

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- Purchased new Yaesu FTdx5000.

- Upgrade from AFSK to FSK RTTY. Interface cards are available in kit form. Click Here to see details and links to the latest documentation and transceiver interconnection information.

- New FT-2000 Firmware (Feb 2009). Click Here to see details on FT-2000 page.

- Upgraded audio control system.

- Neumann condenser microphone and Heil microphone boom. Click here to see setup.

- Vintage Collins S-Line.

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Station Description - Read about the station and view pictures. (Updated 4/6/08.)
Projects - Details on antenna and other projects at W3YY. (Updated 4/4/2009 - Upgrade from AFSK to FSK RTTY and new FSK/CW interface board.
Audio Clips - Listen to audio clips of past QSO's, perhaps your own! (Updated 8/25/06 with new clips.)
DX - DXCC, LOTW, QSL Cards, pictures of my DX activity, and more. (Updated 1/6/07 - Added pictures of YU6AO, 4O3T, and E41/OK1DTP QSL cards.)
Ham Gallery - Pictures of other amateur radio stations from around the world. (Created 5/7/08.)
Contesting - W3YY contest results and contest related information. (Updated 7/3/09 - Added PVRC 2008 ARRL Sweepstakes contest results.)
For Sale - Check out the goodies I have for sale.
New Toys - See what's new in my toy box. (Updated 6/11/08 - Collins S-Line and Neumann condenser microphone and Heil microphone boom.)
Downloads - Interesting files to view or download.

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