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Back in 1990-1992 I got seriously interested in computer programming and produced two logging programs for ham radio called "The Log Program" and "LogPro".  These were DOS programs that I marketed for a couple of years, until I decided to move on to other things.

Although I gave up marketing LogPro long ago, I've maintained it for my personal use and converted it to Windows.  It has been my personal general logging software for the past 15 years.

Here's a screen shot of LogPro 5.40.  You can click on most portions of the LogPro screen below to get a full explanation of that portion of the program.

The LogPro database engine is indexed and provides essentially instantaneous results to any query, e.g. all QSO's with a particular station or country, are essentially instantaneous. Also the engine will handle millions of QSO's and is essentially limited only by the size of the hard disk.


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