Travel Case for Ham Gear

Until my 2006 trip to Italy, I had hand-carried my FT-897D on various trips overseas.  This time, however, I needed to transport it as checked baggage.  I found that Pelican makes and an excellent line of carrying cases that I think might be able to withstand the abuse to which checked baggage is subjected (On our recent flight we noted that the airline equipment used to unload baggage was guaranteed to provide at least a three foot free-fall drop to hard concrete for most bags leaving the plane).  The Pelican cases have customizable and replaceable "pick and pluck" foam inserts that allow you to create the perfect protected openings for anything you want to carry.  I carried both ham and camera gear this time, but you can buy additional foam inserts so the case can be used on different trips for different equipment.  TSA approved locks are available so you can lock the luggage and, hopefully, only you and TSA know how to open them.

Both my ham and camera gear made it safely to and from Italy, so I think this may be a good way to transport gear (your mileage may vary).

Good luck.


Pelican 1600 Case Customized for Ham and Camera Gear


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