Simpson 260 Series 8 Multimeter

I'm usually a digital kind of guy, but when it comes to multimeters I prefer analog.  The analog display gives me the information I need, presented the way I want.  Maybe it can't be read to four decimal places, but I don't need that kind of accuracy for my work.  And auto-ranging?  I never know, without checking, if I'm looking at milliohms or megohms!  Unfortunately, when my old Radio Shack analog meter gave up the ghost recently I was surprised to be unable to find a replacement at Radio Shack.

I remembered always wanting a Simpson multimeter when I was a kid.  I looked at Dayton, but nothing.  E-Bay was my next area of search and, sure enough, lots of Simpson 260's were there.  I got the beauty pictured below at a very nice price.  This is the most recent of the Simpson 260 production, a Series 8, and it is like new! 



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