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  Construction of the SteppIR took place in early October of 2003.  The antenna was first assembled completely on the ground in my back yard and was tested to make sure that the controller was "talking" to the antenna and all the element motors were operating.



At this point, the element support tubes were removed, leaving just the boom, which was then raised vertically up the tower to a point where two of the elements would be above the top guys.  Note the "baggies" placed over the opening to each opening to the motor housings to prevent dirt from entering.  



  Once in place at the top of the tower, but still with the boom in a vertical position along the tower, the element support tubes were reinstalled.



Looking up the tower to check alignment of the elements. October 9, 2003.  



  The antenna was then rotated into a horizontal position and lifted the final few feet with a block and tackle, and placed on the mast.

Note: I was able to complete this project by myself without any assistance, although I had some gracious offers. I mention this only to point out that, with proper planning, tools, and some experience, its amazing what can done by a single individual. When I started the project, I expected to need help. As each step of the project unfolded, however, I kept thinking "heck, I can do that myself". That said, I'm not recommending working alone on tower and antenna projects. Know your limitations and stay safe. A single mistake can be your last!

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