Visit to W0AIH


In June 2005, while in Eau Claire, WI to attend a family reunion with my wife, I noticed a huge amateur radio installation in the hills along Interstate 94.  I had seen it once or twice before, on earlier trips, but never had the time to investigate who owned the station.  This trip I decided to take the time!  From the size of the installation, I knew it had to be a major multi-multi and thought it might be W0AIH.  A quick check on the Internet confirmed my suspicion.  It was W0AIH, the QTH of Paul Bittner.  I contacted Paul, and he graciously invited me to visit the station the next morning.  He would be out of town, but he told me to come up anyway to look around. 

The next morning I did make my way to his station and found an incredible array of towers and antennas.  I can't begin to catalog what I saw, the installation is so complex.  There are so many towers, I didn't even attempt to count them.  It seems that as soon as you think you've seen them all, more pop up behind the house or the barn as you move around the property, which I understand is a 120-acre farm.

Here are some of the pictures I took.  If you're not familiar with this station, I think you will be as amazed as I was. 

  W0AIH nestled in the Wisconsin countryside.  Looks like a VOA site to this ex-VOA engineer!


W3YY at the entrance to W0AIH


  Yes, they're as tall as they look.  Ten or more towers in this one picture!


Antennas, towers, everywhere!



  More towers and antennas (and remember, this and the previous picture are looking in only one direction!).  Note Paul's latest project on the barrels.

Believe it or not, but I have not yet shown you pictures of all of Paul's tower's and antennas, e.g., including at least one Rhombic! 

I had leave Eau Claire right after my visit to catch a flight back to VA, but am looking forward to my next visit to Eau Claire and a chance to personally meet with Paul.


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